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I found my life partner

Thank you Muslima. I found my life partner and my love here and we got married on January 28th of this year Alhamdoullilah.



Penantian yang cukup panjang, akhirnya kutemukan suamiku di situs ini, trimaksih sudah mempertemukan kami.. Inshaa allah selama sampai menutup mata.


I recommend this site for all Muslims

Iis and I met through Muslima and our families liked each other. May Allah bless us with a righteous child. I recommend this site for all Muslims seeking marriage.

Irfan and Iis

Merci Muslima



Muslima شكرا

لقد وجدت نصفي الأخر في الموقع .ولقد تقدم لخطبتي نحنو الأن نعاني قليلا من الإختلافاتنا الأمر الطبيعي.لكني متفائلة بأننا سنكمل إنشاء الله.إدعو لنا بالتوفيق.وادعو كذالك للأخرين بالتوفيق والسعادة.كما اشكل موقع مسلمة على هذه الفرص الذهبة التي تمنحنا لي البشر وتقرب بينهم وبين احلامهم. Karima Style


Thank you Muslima!

I was a divorced, Christian Norwegian woman with kids, looking for a good Muslim man to marry, I had a lot of offers from Muslima, but chose to start dating a divorced Egyptian man Aged 42 (also a father of 3 children). We both are born in April (Aries) and share same passion about life. We also are football players and love fitness and sports. I searched for a strong Muslim man and found my unicorn in Egypt. I traveled 3 times to Egypt to meet him Czytaj dalej >> and his family, and in 21 of October 2017 we got married in Cairo. We are now waiting for his Visa to Norway. <<Skróć tekst


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