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I found my life partner

Thank you Muslima. I found my life partner and my love here and we got married on January 28th of this year Alhamdoullilah.



Un compte de fèe ou une vèritè!! Une histoire juste magnifique et incroyable. Un bonheur infini. Merci a toute l'èquipe muslima d'avoir contribuè a cet union. Mille merci. Steeve et Hanane


Thank you Muslima!

I found my partenaire


Thank you to

Thank you to You made the distance between Egypt and Indonesia so short that I have met my lovely wife. Hope all couple choose wisely and do it for Allah sake. Amen. Best Regards, Wagdy and Elina



Penantian yang cukup panjang, akhirnya kutemukan suamiku di situs ini, trimaksih sudah mempertemukan kami.. Inshaa allah selama sampai menutup mata.


Thank you

Thank you, finally I found my partner through this site. After we talk around 6 month, and we met in Jakarta. We made serious commitment after that. He is from France and I'm from Indonesia. He is good in deen, kind and responsible person, Alhamdulillah. Regards, Gita and Mouhamed


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