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His first day was also my first day.

His first day was also my first day. His first day was also my first day. I was so nervous and quite skeptical about this site but I just gave it a try. I had nothing to lose. Alhamdulillah, my husband said hi to me first and the convention continued smoothly for hours and we immediately exchange our numbers. After 2 months my husband who stayed in England came to Malaysia to meet my family to get their approval for marriage. Alhamdulillah in April Czytaj dalej >> 2017 we got married. . <<Skróć tekst


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Par un petit message par barham d'Allemagne Après 5 mois de chat et le marriage après 1 ans Parceque c'est le seul au monde


Amazing, The Best

Hello, Amazing, The best


Ich habe meine traum frau bei muslima vor ein jahr gefunden

Ich habe meine traum frau bei muslima vor ein jahr gefunden Jetzt sind wir verheiratet Ich danke mich bei muslima Ist vertraulich


You will always be my everything!

I was very skeptical about finding a life partner on a matrimony website but through the success stories I was reading on this website I decided to give it a go. In all honesty I didn't feel I would find my other half on a website I was proven wrong and I am glad to say that helped me find the love of my life. For those who feel that this site doesn't help I would like to say give it a go, you never know who is out there. Czytaj dalej >> When saw her and visited her in Morocco I straight away had a visual confirmation that she is the one for me. 26th December 2017 was our Wedding Day :D No words can express how I felt on that day and how I am still feeling now. Everything went very smoothly and both our families gave us their full support. Remember day by day love and care for each other increases ignoring each others fault and weaknesses there is someone out their for you keep searching I wish you all the best. <<Skróć tekst

Zahra and Gamal

I recommend Muslima!

Will we found each other On here than we went to her mom's house then we ask for her hand The best Because honest people on here I recomme it to others


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