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"Thank you Muslima!"

Hi Muslima,

Thanks a lot, after a long search everywhere in this world, I have finally found my beautiful partner through your MUSLIMA website. May Allah bless Muslima website staff with lots of great health and wealth.

Thanks a lot again From Geelani and Hasna


"Thank you Muslima!"

Thanks to Muslima! I am very grateful to Allah Almighty for guiding me to this marriage site that has helped me to find a suitable partner and we are now in the process to marry soon inshallah. May Allah guide many more members to this site and help them find partners. Once again thanks for your support. Ameen


"Thank you Muslima!"

Asalamo Alaikum,

I am very thankfull of the muslima.com team, whos has created this web site, may Allah give them reward in jannah (INSALLAH).I am happy i found my life partner through muslima.com.

Once again Bundle of thanks muslima.team Salam


"Thank you Muslima!"

Today 22-02-2012 is our first anniversary, we are happy to share our story with other members of this website specially with those who don't believe that they can find the true love in this place. We are a happy married couple writing this massage to all of you ladies and gentlemen to tell you how much we appreciate this website and how it changed our life. Probably it was like a joke in the beginning and we were not serious about it, but look at us now :) that is the fun of it when you take your time finding your other half with no rush.

Thank you Muslima.com


"Thank you Muslima!"

He had already been on the site for about 2 months, and I just signed up to the site 1 day. on the first day that I signed up he sent me a message, and then we got talking. 1 week later he wanted to meet my family, i spoke to my family about it, and my grandfather, and they said yes. and we will get married next month In'sha'Allah

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